TPA Services
A third party administrator is a professional organization hired to provide a wide range of benefit claims administration as well as other services. As a specialist in TPA, Lyncpay will be sure to provide you with fully developed resources to support your benefit plans.

Lyncpay combines expertise in administration with sophisticated technical infrastructure to confidently manage the complexities of your benefits administration. Our personnel can support your self-funded programs with an exceptional level of professionalism, reliability, and service.

Ultimately, the long-term success of any group program depends on the ability to deliver satisfaction at both employer and employee levels. Our staff is able to conduct employee meetings, facilitate open enrollments, and implement web enrollment programs. Lyncpay claims examiners will efficiently adjudicate and administer your clients' claims while maintaining high levels of procedural and financial accuracy, including the services of our technical writers who provide all plan documents, amendments, and ID cards.

Whether proposing a self-funded plan, locating a hard-to-find insurance product, or simply serving as a resource for employee benefit-related administrative services, Lyncpay will fulfill your needs and help you remain one step ahead of the competition.
Every program is supported by Lyncpay's team of experienced individuals who work directly with clients to meet all needs relating to eligibility, billing, funding, and outsourcing services. Our staff personally handles a number of administrative services, including:

   •myWea electronic eligibility and online enrollment
   •Customized monthly invoices
   •Monitored claims funding account
   •Funding, billing, and eligibility
   •Debit card